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Blow Door Testing

Your home is the best place in the world to stay safe and in comfort, but homes leaking are difficult to heat and difficult to cool. The blower door is a method to measure air leakage in your home. In blower door you check for air leakage rate, to exaggerate the house by depressurizing which helps in making measure easier. They are very easy to perform and if you hire a trained professional they can perform a test in less than two hours. And this simple test will tell you a great deal about the energy efficiency of your residential home or structure.

Your home air should be tight enough to make your home energy-efficient. It is very difficult to find an air-leak free house, therefore it is important to measure the leakage rate to keep it under control. Blower door test helps you in identifying the gaps by measuring the efficiency of your building envelope during construction and correct the flaws before completion.

It will show if the building is meeting insulation targets and should be documented. To do a blower door test, you need to seal an expandable frame with a large fan, into the door jamb. Blower door testing is beneficial for both new and old homes.  You can determine your homes airtight target achievement. Documenting your airtightness level is important to gain Energy Star.

It is also good to get the blower-door test done after home insulation so that you can easily fix the leaks if any major problem is found. A blower door kit contains many components – a flexible panel with a frame to fill the doorway temporarily; a strongly powered speed fan can be attached to the door frame, and two pressure gauges to measure pressure difference and deduce airflow.

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