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DIY Solar Panels

The solar power is continued to grow in trend further and same is with DIY Solar panel kits. DIY Solar panels are the best solution to cut down your home energy cost. Solar panels have become very popular, because most of the people want to keep their household electric demand. Though the Govt. has introduced several incentive plans for the people adopting to solar energy. But to immediate start saving on home energy cost and using solar panels, you can go for DIY solar panels.

The process DIY comprises panel system sizing, selecting the components which suits your need, placing and configuring solar panels, a safety disconnects and inverter. Hardware can be the precarious piece of introducing sun based boards individually, however with least learning about wiring, this can be accomplished by anybody. Obviously on the off chance that you don’t feel certain to do this part all alone, it is best to employ an affirmed circuit repairman to do the wiring and metering into your home.

The biggest challenge in making solar panel is to get solar cells at effective price.  Solar cells are very costly and are difficult to find in huge quantity. You can go for second solar cells which are easily available on internet and many places at a reasonable price. But, you should be very careful in buying second hand cells as they can be in poor condition which can reduce the efficiency of solar panel.

DIY Solar panels are short term solution to your energy needs and will not run for longer time.  Standard life of a solar panel is considered to be 25 years, whereas, the efficiency of DIY solar panels can decrease over a period of time.  The maintenance of DIY solar panel requires high level of maintenance.

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