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What is a Solar Pool Blanket?

solar pool blanketA solar pool blanket is a convenient way of keeping the water of a swimming pool warm enough for a comfortable and relaxing swim. It is easy to use, uses no electricity, and is a pocket-friendly investment for any home that has a pool. The blanket or cover looks just like an ordinary bubble wrap. The bubble on the sheet works as a magnifying glass to increase the warming effect of the sun. To be precise, the solar pool blanket absorbs the sun’s energy and transfers it directly into the pool water to keep it warm.

The solar pool blanket works in two ways. It keeps away debris, dust, and dirt from the water. Secondly, it conserves the water by 40%, reduces chemical consumption by 40%, and keeps the water warm by 10 degrees. The solar pool blankets are designed considering the bubble wrap technology.

How to use a solar blanket?

First-time solar pool cover users may find it a little challenging to find the right-sized blanket for their respective pools. Although there are many types and sizes of solar blankets available in the market, you may have to trim it using a multipurpose scissor to fit it in your uniquely designed pool.

When you straighten and place the blanket in the pool, ensure to leave a flap 2-3 inches long to tuck it under the edge of skimmer. This will help in keeping the pool clean as debris will be automatically pushed into the skimmer before removing the blanket.

Ideally, place the solar blanket when the pool is not in use. You can keep the cover on at night as well to prevent evaporation and water loss. Though solar blanket is a cost-effective way of keeping pool water warm throughout the day, its heat effectiveness is not as good as that of an electronic or solar swimming pool heater. Still, you can always use a solar blanket depending upon the size and usage of the swimming pool.